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E-Visions architectural design studio was founded by Neill L. Ellman during 1996, as a vision for the future, defined by our logo and its principles.
The founder and principle has been involved in, and headed a diverse range of projects within the architectural profession for over a decade.
We are a small and dynamic firm specialising in the residential and industrial sector, yet not limited thereto. We accomodate each client by granting them the fair opportunity of consultation, in order to establish and assess their individual needs, as well as offering our services to other professionals to assist in their outsourcing requirements.
Our aim is to make a contribution to society. Achieved through, the creation of an equitable and sustainable environment, not only in South Africa, but also in our developing African neighbour countries & abroad. This will be achieved through applying energy-efficient and sensitive design, of well performing buildings in well performing urban, rural, coastal and natural environments.


Purchased a vacant plot of land and not sure where to from there?

Let us assist and guide you in developing it with a new structure with a use to suit your long term needs, either as your safe place called ‘home’ or your ROI which will serve you well in generating a passive income while you do the things you enjoy most.

A growing trend among more younger groups as they enter the property market, a ‘fixer-upper’.

One way for a client to escape the scale & complexity of bringing a structure out of the ground, is to purchase a property with an existing structure which has already settled itself well into the earth.

Let us assist in remodeling the space to suit your needs to make it a home.

Trying to sell an idea to a prospective partner/ investor or financial institution to fund your visions?

Let us assist you in translating your design brief into a concept that can be visually presented to the relevant stakeholders who will assist in realizing visions which we will then further develop. 

Our core service offered (yet not limited to) is mostly geared at the residential sector.

The scale of residential design projects which we engage in is not set by our preference, but rather by your individual need as a client.

So irrespective of the scale, we are here to assist you.

Still Have Questions?

We absolutely do. So please feel free to contact us and we will endeavor to respond soonest to arrange a consultation.

No poject is too small as long as it requires some or other consultation with the City in order to obtain approval for the changes to your property.

We believe in value for money, so we definitely provide a little more than just one version and do not believe in dictating what you should accept.

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