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Architectural Services

We are a full service Architectural Practice and offer the following services listed below..


We offer a full range of architectural services from inception to completion, or a partial service to suit your budgetary needs for select stages only. Where it is within your budget we do encourage a full service appointment to ensure consistent quality from start to finish which is then more in our control.


We have covered a variety of project complexities across the Western Cape, and in Kwazulu Natal. These projects range from low cost to high end luxury residences, along the Atlantic Seaboard to the suburbs. These ranged from boundary walls and carports, to large scale alterations & additions and the design of new developments. Whatever your need, we are here to assist you through fair consultation.


At E-VISIONS we do not only pride ourselves with excellence in architecture, but are also proud to announce that we have one of the finest structural detail draughtsman on board this side of the equator. With more than 40 years experience in the engineering profession, his expertise proves to be an invaluable resource to E-VISIONS.


Are you overburdened with crunch projects? We assist industry professionals/ colleagues to help them stay abreast. Allow us to be of assistance to your company in fast tracking projects while you focus your energy on procuring more work rather than "how am I going to get this done in time". We can assist with capturing hard copy plans to a digital format that could ease your workflow, to turning your concept or sketch plans to council ready plans. Whatever your need, reach out to us so we can assess your requirements and get things moving.


Apart from the standard architectural services offered, we also offer a wide range of supplementary service as standalone services in the built environment. These range from freehand artistic sketches to removal & amendment of restrictive title deed applications. No records of your building plans? Not to worry, we can conduct a comprehensive building survey to draft a full set of architectural plans for your existing building.


At E-VISIONS A.D.S, our expertise goes beyond just the residential sector. We have the expertise & knowledge to undertake the industrial design of factories and warehouses together with their ancillary spaces. We have also been involved in the design of a couple clinics and designed a further two sub-acute hospitals which were successfully approved by the Department of Health to further assist clients in obtaining the necessary financing for their projects.


We offer a diverse range of professional supplementary services, including the building of working models to provide a sense of space, as well as artist freehand sketches placing the concept in its natural & built context. as is required by the client to suit each individual budget. With the evolution of CGI (computer generated imagery) into various industries over the years, computer renders have become the more popular and go-to model building technique in architecture. We have thus ensured that we stay abreast of the ever-changing industry and would like to add that it is also a supplementary service we offer should it be within your budget.

Free consultation

Our professional team has a unique creative vision of how your dream space will work the best for you. Learn more about our services by contacting us!

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